Pyaar Ke Rang Hazaar Hindi Movie

Feature Film

Pyaar Ke Rang Hazaar is a Hindi Movie directed by Dinesh Kapur starring Krishnabhishek, Kiran Kumar, Sadhna Singh and Amit Pachori. The movie is produced by Dinesh Kapur and the music composed by Pradyuman Sharma.

Feature Film
Release: September 12 2007 (India)
Language: Hindi
Director: Dinesh Kapur
Cast: Krishnabhishek, Kiran Kumar, Sadhna Singh, Amit Pachori, Dinesh Hingoo, Jugnu, Shweta Dadhichi, Bhavna Sharma, Maser Aabhaas, Mahesh Ghalot, Dinesh Kapur

Pyaar Ke Rang Hazaar deals with many shades and emotion of human relationship. It also effectively dramatizes some of life's most pertinent and demanding situations. Pyaar Ke Rang Hazaar is the tale of issues arising out of the concern of gender equality, an issue that can not be ignored any ...More


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Cast & Crew Details:
Kiran Kumar
Sadhna Singh
Amit Pachori
Dinesh Hingoo
Shweta Dadhichi
Bhavna Sharma
Maser Aabhaas
Mahesh Ghalot
Dinesh Kapur

Director: Dinesh Kapur
Producer: Dinesh Kapur
Music Director: Pradyuman Sharma
Cinematographer: Shakti Soni
Screenplay Writer: Dinesh Kapur