Jab We Met Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Romance
Oct 26, 2007 By Amit K

Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor's off screen romance may have ended, but hitting screens this Friday is their romantic comedy, Jab We Met.

The story of Jab We Met is an assorted mix of all that we have seen in those typical mushy romantic Bollywood films. Aditya ( Shahid Kapur ) a very serious depressed business man whose girl friend has just left him meets Geet ( Kareena Kapoor) on a train journey. Geet is just the opposite of Aditya, bubbly and full of life. Accidentally both Geet and Aditya miss their train and now Aditya has to reach Geet safely to her parents place in Bhatinda. Geet's fun and frolic attitude soon brushes up on Aditya and he starts developing feelings for her. But Geet is already in love with someone else. The rest of the plot could be predicted by my five year old nephew.

Jab We Met is your typical Bollywood romantic film : 5-6 songs poured in , designer clothes, one big Punjabi family, boy – girl have fights then live happily ever after. On the story front, Jab We Met is as predictable as it gets. Now it's up to the actors to lift this film up. Shahid Kapur gets into the skin of his character perfectly and does a commendable job. But it's Kareena Kapoor who steals the show with her non stop jabbering vivacious performance . The fact that Kareena looks simply fabulous in the film, is simply icing on the cake. Though both Kareena and Shahid give good individualistic performances, the chemistry is seriously missing. There is no romance in the air and that's a big minus point for Jab We Met.

Now the actor to watch out for is Tarun Arora, who gives the hammiest performance ever by any actor on the big screen. His acting is so awkward that you feel embarrassed watching him on screen. But the irony is that his hamming is what will have you in splits. Doubt if the hamming was intentional.

Imtiaz Ali impresses as a director and handles his main cast well. The screenplay though is clearly disappointing. Editing could have been tighter. The script too is filled with major loopholes. Which girl who has decided to elope from her house will return to her packed to the brim Punjabi house-hold and then abscond away ? Really ridiculous. That's Bollywood for you.

The cinematography is awesome and so are Pritam's songs which totally gel in with the movie. Especially, Tum Se Hi and Mauja Mauja are sure shot chartbusters. So overall, like most films Jab We Met has nothing new to offer, but it could well be a time pass movie if you are those romantic types.

Movie Rating: 2/5

Amit K