Jab We Met Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Romance
Oct 26, 2007 By Mythily Ramachandran

It will be raining bouquets for Kareena Kapoor post 'Jab We Met.' This breezy love story with a dash of sentiment and plenty of funny moments, brings to the fore her versatility as an actress.

Aditya and Geet, (the lead characters) meet on a moving train. Aditya (Shahid Kapoor) is a businessman, who finds the going tough as he tries to live up to the formidable reputation of his late father, a well known industrialist of Mumbai. His despair is compounded when his lover ditches him to marry another man.

Geet on the other hand is an incessant chatterbox who believes in living life to the fullest. She is on her way home to Bhatinda. Hurt and dejected, Aditya prefers to be left alone, but is that possible with Geet for company?

She continues with her constant chatter about her personal life even revealing the fact about eloping with her lover, Anshuman. Exasperated with her non stop jabber, Aditya loses his cool. Yet Geet can't mind her own business.

In the middle of the night, she notices Aditya missing on the train. She gets down at the station where the train has halted in search of him. And finding him strolling on the platform, she alerts him about the train's departure. An argument ensues and the train moves on leaving the duo behind. It now becomes Aditya's responsibility to take her home to Bhatinda.

At Bhatinda, the large Sikh family makes quite a presence. Dara Singh, Geet's grandfather is a strict disciplinarian and much feared by all. He presumes that the young couple is in love. And complicating this situation is Kareena with her idea of leaving home for Anshuman.

From co-passengers to friends, the Kareena-Shahid pair regales audiences with their diverse personalities. There is not a dull moment in the film and the dialogues deserve credit for keeping one in chuckles all along. Lots of light moments and even the ones bordering on sex seem so clean.

Kareena as the 'Punjab de kudi,' carries the film on her shoulders. As Geet, a vivacious young thing, she is a real delight to watch. Supporting her ably is Shahid Kapoor and their on screen chemistry is great. And with a Punjabi background to the story, you can expect lively music and colorful costumes.

A neat love story and presented in a refreshing manner. Mention must be made of the young actor who played the role of Anshuman. As the bewildered lover, trying to fit into the Bhatinda household, his face reflected a gamut of emotions.

Mythily Ramachandran