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Ugly Aur Pagli  (2008)  (Hindi)
Language: Hindi
Director: Sachin Khot
Producer: Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd
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Release Date: August 01 2008 (India)

Rating: Crictiq: 1.5 - Read Review  1.5/5
Nowrunning Critics: 1.5/5
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Nowrunning Reviews
Ugly Aur Pagli is mostly slow even boring at times but the performances make it worth a watch on DVD.

Ugly Aur Pagli Review RatingAshok Nayak | Read Full Review

It almost seems like Ranvir and Mallika were just called on the on random locations at random times and given randomly written lines and terribly composed songs to perform. I mean, this movie is just so- well, random! Things just happen, without any logic, intelligence, or humor to the proceedings.

Ugly Aur Pagli Review RatingJahan Bakshi | Read Full Review

"Ugly Aur Pagli" brings us a kind of detoxicated sex comedy where the gender war is telescoped into a vivacious tongue-in-shriek war of words between an outwardly mismatched pair.

Ugly Aur Pagli Review RatingSubhash K Jha | Read Full Review

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