Newtoninn Moondraam Vidhi Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2009

Newtoninn Moondraam Vidhi is a 2009 Indian movie directed by Thai Muthu Selvan starring S. J. Surya and Rajiv Krishna. The feature film is produced by S Nandhagopal and the music composed by Vinay Rai.

Release Info:
May 1 2009 (India)   
Language: Tamil
Director: Thai Muthu Selvan

Maverick S.J. Suryah is back in action after almost a year in wilderness. He is cast in the film "Newtonin Moondram Vidh... Show more

Maverick S.J. Suryah is back in action after almost a year in wilderness. He is cast in the film "Newtonin Moondram Vidhi" (Newton's third law). Rajeev Krishna, who was the hero in "Aha!", plays the villain. Madras Entertainment Private Ltd is producing this commercial film. N. Nandagopal is the co-producer.

Rajeev Krishna is among the top ten richest men in India. In two hours, he is on the streets. S.J. Suryah adopts what is called "Newton's third law" to topple Rajeev Krishna, the villain. It all begins at 10 a.m. and ends at mid-day.

The film derives its strength from the fast-paced screenplay by debutant director Thai Muthu Selvam. Suspense is the main ingredient.

S.J. Suryah appears in two 'get-ups' one of which with the shaven head. The number of scenes featuring him is limited, according to sources.

"Newton..." is said to be different from his earlier movies and hopefully help him shed his sobriquet "The sultan of sleaze".

A.B. Vinay, who has worked under A.R. Rahman and Harris Jayaraj, makes his debut as a music director at the instance of S.J. Surya who is known to give utmost importance to music.

S.J. Surya hopes to reap rich dividends from this film for the hard work he has put in so far for cinema.

Muthu Selvam has in his team cinematographer R. Saravanan, who too is a debutant, and action director Prakash and editor Gopi (was co-editor for "Alavandhan"). Na Muthukumar has penned the lyrics. The story is by Chidambaram and dialogue by R. Ravi.

Muthu Selvam has come into the limelight with his TV serials "Kaathu Karuppu" and "Yaar".



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Cast & Crew Details:
S. J. Surya
Rajiv Krishna

Director: Thai Muthu Selvan
Producer: S Nandhagopal
Music Director: Vinay Rai

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