Kurukshetra is a 2008 Malayalam movie directed by Major Ravi starring Cochin Haneefa, Mohanlal, Siddique and Sania Singh. The movie is produced by Santosh Damodar and the music composed by Siddharth Bipin.

Release: October 20 2008
Language: Malayalam
Director: Major Ravi
Producer: Santosh Damodar
Music Director: Siddharth Bipin
Earlier announced as Kargil and later re-named Kurukshetra, this is commando-turned-director Major Ravi's third film, the other two being Keerthichakra and Mission 90 Days. Kurukshetra is considered by many as a sequel to Keerthichakra, especially since lead...More

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Critic Rating: Rating: 3
User Rating: Rating: 3

Kurukshetra is not as impressive as Major Ravi's first film Keerthi Chakra, but is better than his second venture Mission 90 Days. Rating: 3 - Thomas T Read Full Review

Regardless of some slip-ups, Kurukshetra offers a convincing portrait of the inanity of war. It's a bombshell of a film that blows up your war-film prejudices into smithereens. Rating: 3 - Veeyen Read Full Review


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