'Kurukshetra' likely to turn a hit

Oct 10, 2008 NR

The Major Ravi-directed Mohanlal-starrer Kurukshetra was one of the most eagerly awaited Malayalam movies in recent times. And now that the film is finally released, it seems that the wait and the expectations have been vindicated.

The film, released on Wednesday (Oct 8th), has had a very good opening, and fans have been greeting the film all over Kerala with thunderous applause. The film, based on the Kargil war of 1999, has an impressive array of artists in the cast and is reportedly all set to turn out to be a hit.

Reports coming in say that though the film is not as good as Keerthi Chakra, (because the director tries to convey too many messages in the film), it's basically hit material and may turn out to be the solo hit of the season.

Mammootty's Maya Bazaar, after the initial high has gone down at box office ratings and may now lose out to Kurukshetra. The coming days will decide. Let's wait and see!

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