Banaras Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2009 | Drama, Romantic

Banaras is a 2009 Indian movie directed by Nemom Pushparaj starring Vineeth, Kavya Madhavan, Harisree Asokan and Nedumudi Venu. The feature film is produced by M. R. Nair and the music composed by M. Jaychandran.

Release Info:
April 9 2009 (India)   
Language: Malayalam
Director: Nemom Pushparaj

'Banaras', which is art director-turned-director Nemom Pushparaj's second film after 'Gaurishankaram', is produced under... Show more

'Banaras', which is art director-turned-director Nemom Pushparaj's second film after 'Gaurishankaram', is produced under the banner of Kasi Films by M.R. Nair, who also pens the story for the film. Shot extensively in the holy city of Banaras, the film narrates the story of a youth named Hari and also the story of a young girl named Amritha, who happen to meet in Banaras and consequently get close to each other.

Hari, who is a University over-all champion, is in Banaras to do research on the subject of folk-dances at the Banaras Hindu University. But this is not the only thing that had drawn Hari to the holy city. He is in fact there to trace missing links from his past, or to be precise his mother's past. His mother, who is no more, had her roots in the city.

Hari's father, who was a professor in the BHU, had met Hari's mother in the city and they had fallen in love. They got married and not long after Hari was born, his mother passed away. And then Hari's father left Banaras and brought up his son in Kerala. So now, Hari is in Banaras to trace the roots of his mother.

It's at the University that he meets Amritha, who is there to do her post-graduation in Classical Dances. Amritha too has a story of her own. She had lost her parents in an accident when she was a plus two student. She firmly believes that it is her uncle who was behind the death of her parents. Her uncle, after the death of Amritha's parents, had taken over the business run successfully by her father.

Hari and Amritha get close to each other very soon. And from there the story takes off. For Hari, his trip to Banaras is destined to be memorable, as he's all set to come face to face with new revelations. It's Vineeth who plays Hari, while Kavya Madhavan becomes Amritha. Navya Nair also has a key role to play in the film, which is all set for release.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Kavya Madhavan
Harisree Asokan
Nedumudi Venu
Jagathy Sreekumar
Suresh Krishna
Anoop Chandran
Urmila Unni
Navya Nair

Director: Nemom Pushparaj
Producer: M. R. Nair
Music Director: M. Jaychandran
Song Lyrics Writer: Gireesh Puthenchery
Cinematographer: P. Sukumar
Editor: B. Murali
Screenplay Writer: Cheriyan Kalpakavadi
Original Story Writer: M.R. Nair