Milk English Movie

Feature Film | Drama

Milk is a 2009 English movie directed by Gus Van Sant starring Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, James Franco and Josh Brolin. The feature film is produced by Dan Jinks and the music composed by Danny Elfman.

Release Info:
February 20 2009 (India)  
Language: English
Director: Gus Van Sant

While living in New York City, Harvey Milk celebrates his 40th birthday. Anxious to find more purpose in their lives, he... Show more

While living in New York City, Harvey Milk celebrates his 40th birthday. Anxious to find more purpose in their lives, he and his lover Scott Smith move to San Francisco, where they open a camera store in the heart of the city's predominantly gay neighborhood known as The Castro. Milk becomes a spokesperson for equal rights for all and, while finding support among people from all backgrounds, he becomes a mentor to aspiring activist Cleve Jones. His political ambitions ultimately consume his life and destroy his relationship with Smith.

After three unsuccessful campaigns to win a position in city government, Milk is elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 as a representative for District 5. His victory makes him the first openly gay man to be voted into major public office in America. Supported by his new lover Jack Lira, even though the young man finds it difficult to infiltrate the inner circle of political associates and allies, Milk works at passing a city ordinance protecting people from being fired because of their sexual orientation and defeating a proposed state referendum that would allow gay teachers to lose their jobs. His political agenda increasingly upsets fellow supervisor Dan White, who finally resigns his seat on the Board. When his supporters urge him to reverse his decision, White seeks re-appointment from Mayor George Moscone, who denies his request at the urging of Milk. White returns to San Francisco City Hall to plead his case one last time and, when he is rebuffed by Moscone yet again, he shoots and kills him before walking into Milk's office and killing him as well.



Cast & Crew Details:
Sean Penn
Emile Hirsch
James Franco
Josh Brolin

Director: Gus Van Sant
Producer: Dan Jinks
Music Director: Danny Elfman
Cinematographer: Harris Savides
Editor: Elliot Graham
Original Story Writer: Dustin Lance Black