Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa Synopsis

Being twenty-something is truly something else! Every moment experiences a new feeling, fresh thoughts, the zest for life, love, ambition and a lot more...! Karthik and Jessie meet each other, one unassuming evening... And it's love at first sight, for Karthik. Not having seen a beauty such as Jessie in years passed by, Karthik is love struck, dumbstruck, and spellbound... all at once. Jessie is the girl next door, in the typical sense. Secretive glances make way to obvious glances and the two get acquainted sooner or later. What begins with an unexpected friendship breaks boundaries to take shape as love. Unable to hold his emotions, Karthik doesn't allow his feelings to rest for too long when he proposes to Jessie one abrupt morning that leaves her in a state of perplex. Silence from both ends... Followed by regretful thoughts... And decisions to be made... As love chooses its own route, familiarity makes way for a healthy yet simple relationship between Karthik and Jessie. Just when life seems perfect surrounded by the indescribable feeling of love, unfathomable feeling of the heart, and the unknown pages from the future Jessie brings out her uncertainty over the relationship leaving Karthik in a state of perplex, this time around... A story packed with emotions, surprises, travel, ambition, clandestine meeting etc; the film tours the audience through Chennai, Aleppey (Kerala), Malta, Goa and New York to reveal the different shades of screenplay in the best way possible. Simply put, the film says - Love is beautiful but it can be painful too... A different love story. Yet again...


January 23

January 24

January 24

January 24