Prem Kaa Game Hindi Movie

Feature Film | Comedy

Prem Kaa Game is a 2010 Hindi movie directed by Ashok Kheny starring Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Tara Sharma and Madhuri Bhattacharya. The movie is produced by Ashok Kheny and the music composed by Raju Singh.

Feature Film
Release: March 26 2010 (India)
Genre: Comedy
Language: Hindi
Director: Ashok Kheny
Madhuri Bhattacharya
Rakesh Bedi
Johny Lever


Prem Kaa Game is a story of love after marriage. Love outside marriage. It is a textbook for all those married men who after a brief stint with matrimony begin fantasizing. And straying, to begin with in their dreams. Prem Kaa Game is a story of this forbidden Game of Love. Narrated by none other th...More


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Cast & Crew Details:
Salman Khan
Arbaaz Khan
Tara Sharma
Madhuri Bhattacharya
Malaika Arora
Rakesh Bedi
Johny Lever
Razzak Khan
Samir Kochhar

Director: Ashok Kheny
Producer: Ashok Kheny
Production Company: A K K Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Music Director: Raju Singh
Song Lyrics Writers: Javed Akhtar, Kiran Kotrial
Cinematographers: Sanjay V Malkar, Krishna Kumar, Krishna
Dialogue Writer: Abbas Hirapurwala

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