I am Singh Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011

I am Singh is a 2011 Indian movie directed by Puneet Issar starring Puneet Issar, Tulip Joshi, Mika Singh and Gulzar Inder Chahal. The feature film is produced by Sardar Peshaura Singh Thind and the music composed by Arvinder Singh, Daler Mehndi, Sukhwinder Singh and Sumitra Iyer.

Release Info:
December 2 2011 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Puneet Issar
Gulzar Inder Chahal
Brooke Johnston
Rizwan Haider
Sunita Dhir

The story is about a young Sikh named Ranveer Singh. Ranveer is a young, confident, intelligent and a very well settl... Show more

The story is about a young Sikh named Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer is a young, confident, intelligent and a very well settled man in India. Ranveer's elder brothers Balbir Singh and Bikram Singh are citizens of America. They are doing very well for themselves. They run restaurant business in the USA. Ranveer's parents leave for holiday to the US to meet their son. Ranveer doesn't want to join them as he is busy attending his friend's wedding in India. Life is easy going for this family.

The story takes a turn when Ranveer receives a call from his mother. Ranveer's life changes in a flash as he comes to know that his brother Bikram is dead. His father is seriously injured and his elder brother Balbir is missing. The cause of this is unknown. Ranveer is in a dilemma and he has to leave for the US.

Ranveer leaves for the US and on the way different thoughts get into his mind about the happening. He doesn't know what is in store for him in the US. Ranveer reaches the US and tries to find out what actually happened to his family. He doesn't get the right answers. Furthermore he is shocked and confused with the situation, but something in him, keeps telling him that there is something to the whole incident, what seems on the face is not the fact. The fact remains a mystery to him. Ranveer meets Rizwan Haider, a Pakistani, who is an American Citizen. Rizwan tells him what actually had happened on that day. Some local miscreants had attacked Ranveer's family and has absconded. These people were locals and had the support of the local police and people. Ranveer meets the local Police in Chief, who doesn't want to help him in any ways.

Ranveer realizes that he has to fight this battle on his own. As luck would have it, he meets another local citizen, who happens to be a Sikh named Fateh Singh - a police office in the LAPD. Fateh Singh introduces him to a lady, who is Human Right Activist, Yoga Exponent and a very famous Attorney, Amelia Whites.

Amelia Whites is a beautiful American, who believes in equality and justice in the true American spirit. Amelia promises Ranveer to take his fight up to the authorities and get him justice at all costs. Amelia fights her way through the local American System with the help of Ranveer, Rizwan and Fateh Singh. In this process, Amelia and Ranveer develop a bonding which is more than friendship. Here they realize that the attack on Ranveer's family was by the local hoodlums, who were hand in glove with the local police chief.

Amelia fights tooth and nail to prove that every person in America is equal and should be treated equally. Ranveer and Amelia's fight becomes stronger when they meet FBI Agent Sean Meyers, he too like Amelia believes in the spirit of equality. Sean Meyers not only joins the fight, but also makes it into a crusade, which is taken notice not only joins the fight, but also makes it into a crusade, which is taken notice not only by the authorities, but by also the American citizens who want the culprits to be brought to the books.

The attack on Ranveer's family gets nationwide media coverage. The culprit run for cover, but Ranveer, Rizwan, Fateh Singh and Sean Meyers with the help of the LAPD apprehend and culprits, who were on the run and were trying to cross the border. Ranveer is reunited with his family and is indebted to Amelia Whites and Sean Meyers, who is the true spirits of America led from the front and got Ranveer justice.

Ranveer, in this process, lost his young brother Bikram, but made new relations with Rizwan Haider, Fateh Singh, Sean Meyers and last but not the least Amelia Whites.

The story deals with the bonding of different cast and cultures in the USA, the only country in the world, which is so multi-dimensional. Yet everybody is free to follow their religion and cultures and to be treated equal.

America has always led by example and taught the whole world what equality.


Gulzar Inder Chahal: Ranveer Singh

A young and strong willed Entrepreneur, born and brought up in Indian who had everything in life what one could wish for. Post 9/11, his family that resides in the US fell prey to a tragedy, a tragedy that shook up his entire life and changes his world completely. A determined and fearless Ranveer Singh, who had never given up in his life, decides to embark upon a difficult but righteous journey to achieve justice for the honor of his family and stand up for his identity, his Turban.

Rizwan Haider: Rizwan Hyder

A progressive American Muslim whose roots lie in Pakistan. A man who believes in the teachings of the holy Quran and condemns terrorism as much as he condemns racism. A selfless and humane individual who stands up for what's right even after being a victim of 9/11 and having lost everything he held close to his heart.

Amy Rasimas: Amy Washington

A young and fearless dynamic trial lawyer, who empowers the courtroom with her faith in what's righteous, ethical and principled. She fights for the Human and Civil rights of the South Asian community in America. An extremely strong headed and confident law representative who doesn't mince her words and stands by the truth.

Brooke Johnston: Amelia White

A morally upright, honorable, incorruptible lawyer, who re-instills faith in the ones who are in a quest for justice. With fire in her belly and a smile on her face. Amelia White is the definition of true American spirit, she believes in justice for the innocent and humanity above all.

Puneet Issar: Fateh Singh

A daredevil LAPD officer, who posts the tragedy of 9/11, was a victim of racial discrimination. He was suspended since he refused to abide by the No Turban Policy of the US police department and the generalization of all Asians post the terror attack. A man of valor & honor, the indomitable Sikh, a true Sikh who has a profound sense of self and has the courage to fight against injustice not only for himself but also others.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Puneet Issar
Tulip Joshi
Mika Singh
Gulzar Inder Chahal
Brooke Johnston
Rizwan Haider
Sunita Dhir
Neeta Mohindra
Kaka Canadian
Donny Kapoor

Director: Puneet Issar
Producer: Sardar Peshaura Singh Thind
Music Directors: Arvinder Singh, Daler Mehndi, Sukhwinder Singh, Sumitra Iyer, Sunil Sirvaiya, Monty Sharma
Background Music Composer: Surendra Sodhi
Song Lyrics Writers: Deepali Issar, Sameer, Sudhakar Dutt Sharma, Sandeep Nath, RAJ HANS, Gurbani
Sound Designers: B K Chaturvedi, Pradeep Suri
Cinematographer: W B Rao
Editor: Sanjay Verma
Art Designer: Narendra Rahurikar
Screenplay Writers: Deepali Issar, Satyajit Puri, Puneet Issar
Dialogue Writers: Deepali Issar, Satyajit Puri, Puneet Issar
Original Story Writers: Deepali Issar, Satyajit Puri, Puneet Issar
Action Choregraphers: Kaushal, Moses
Song Choregraphers: Rajeev Surti, Rekha Chinni Prakash, Raju Khan, Chinni Prakash


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