'Mr Fraud' Facebook page crosses 1 lakh likes

Apr 6, 2014 NR

The Facebook page of the much awaited Mohanlal film ‘Mr Fraud’ has crossed 1 lakh likes. The movie is directed by B Unnikrishnan. The shooting of the film is progressing at a fast pace.

The likes have crossed one lakh six thousand now. This shows the immense expectation people have for this movie. The pictures and news from the shooting sets are shared by both Mohanlal and B Unnikrishnan.

Seems all of you are in love with Mr Fraud. We have just crossed 1,00,000 likes thanks for the support & love you have given to Mr. Fraud – FB page of ‘Mr Fraud’.

The director expressed his thanks for the same on his FB page, “One lakh plus likes for Mr.Fraud's FB page. That's sensational. Thank you, people. Cheers!”.

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