Mugdha Godse in Jayam Raja's Thani Oruvan

Mar 27, 2015 JB

Director Jayam Raja’s upcoming film is Thani Oruvan which has his brother Jayam Ravi as hero along with Nayanthara, Arvind Swamy and others. The film is almost complete but for a few song sequences and talkie portions.

The film recently got on board Hip Hop Thamizha Aadhi as music director and reported that he has already composed an energetic number. Now for the latest info about the film is that the actress from Bollywood Mugdha Godse who shot to limelight with her looks and performance in the film Fashion has been brought on as Arvind Swamy’s pair.

Sources state that the role of Arvind Swamy is very pivotal and crucial to the film and that they needed some actress who could be a perfect foil to his character and Mughdha fit the bill completely. The unit is also quite satisfied with her performance. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Thani Oruvan


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