Music composer K J Joy passes away

Jan 15, 2024 KRR

Music director K J Joy died on the wee hours of Monday morning in Chennai. He was 77. Joy had been confined to bed due to stroke for a long time.

Known as the first ‘techno musician’ in Malayalam, Joy has composed more than 200 film songs besides devotional songs. A protégé of musician MS Viswanathan, he made his film debut in 1975 in the film ‘Love Letter’ by tuning the lyrics penned by Sathyan Anthikad and Bharanikkavu Sivakumar.

His major films as music composer include ‘Ivanente Priya Puthran’, ‘Chandanachola’, ‘Aaradhana’, ‘Sneha Yamuna’, ‘Mukkuvane Snehicha Bhootham’, ‘Manushya Mrugam’, ‘Sarppam’, and ‘Shakthi’.

Joy introduced modern music instruments like the keyboard in Malayalam Cinema during the 70’s. His famous songs include ‘En swaram poovidum…’ (‘Anupallavi’) , ‘Kasthoori Manmizhi…’ (‘Manushya Mrugam’), ‘Swarnameeninte…’ (‘Sarppam’) and ‘Akkare ikkare ninnalengane…’ (‘Itha Oru Theeram’).


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