Mysskin all set to thrill!

Sep 13, 2013 SV

Mysskin, the director who has created a mark for himself with his novel films and filming style, is getting his latest flick ready. The film Onaiyum Aatukuttiyum is a thriller that tells the tale of two people-one is the goat while the other is the wolf (all metaphors). The film is about how a goat tries to escape the clutches of wolf. Interestingly, after the experience of Nandalala, the director is not in a mood to explain actors about the roles and has decided to don the role of the wolf himself.

Yet another aspect that gives us surprise is that this film Onaiyum Aatukuttiyum will be missing the trade mark item song which Mysskin is famous for. His earlier films Chitiram Pesudadi and Anjathe had Tamil film history’s most successful item numbers. In fact this film has no songs and the two hours will be carried on the shoulders of Ilayaraja, who is providing the background score.

As a precursor to what is in store in the film Mysskin is releasing a trailer today and with huge expectations over the film, people are waiting to watch the trailer. Sri is the hero of the film which is produced by Lone Wolf Productions, Mysskin’s own production baneer.

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