Nasser as a tribal in Thittivasal

Nov 2, 2016 JB

Thittivasal is an upcoming film which has Mahendran, Tanu Shetty in lead roles with veteran Nasser playing an important role as that of a tribal.

During a promo event of the film, Nasser admitted that he was not keen to do small films as he has had bad experiences with them either in terms of payment or the movie getting jinxed.

He adds, “But, Thittivaasal’s story was very impressive and they convinced me that they would finish my portions in 12 days. Since the film deals with tribal community who live in the forests, we had to stay in that place. The hotels are very far away from location and my travel would take half of my working time. Though the producer was ready to get me a caravan, I chose to stay with my entire team of 34 people under one roof in a big hall”. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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