Nazriya Nazim – the new darling of Malayalam Cinema

Aug 20, 2014 NR

Nazriya Nazim needs no introduction whatsoever. She is the latest darling, teenage-idol and sensation for the Malayalam movie audience. She is cherubic, peppy and child-like. Making her way smoothly and endearingly into Malayalees’ hearts through a popular music reality TV show and a couple of child artist movie roles, Nazriya enjoys that special warmth, fondness and affection that Malayalees bestow on only a few. They just dote her. Let’s stroll through some of her lovely reel expressions.

Mischief, which is perhaps her most natural reflection, played charming role in her super-hits like Om Shanthi Oshana and Bangalore Days. How easily and certainly she awakens the naughty child in you!

It is said, “eyes are the doorway to one’s heart”. No wonder why every single reel character that Nazriya plays enter our hearts so effortlessly! She has eyes that speak silently.

Innocence and love are thick friends. Ask any of her reel characters, and each one of them would vouch for that!

Natural beauty and charm grows across boundaries of language and culture. No fence can contain her vivacity!

When Nazriya puts on the expression of anguish, the character’s mental vibrations are absorbed by the audience readily and grippingly. Such is their familiarity and belongingness with regards to this gal!

There is not a moment that’s dull, or colorless when she’s around. She breathes life into every single frame that captures her.

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” – Mahatma Gandhi

You put any great quote on Prayer here, and you would be surprised to see the unfailing connection!

Real beauty induces beautiful thoughts and feelings in your minds, and it holds you only for a short while before setting you free. It sets you free to wander through those emotions that you cherish deep in your heart.

This is the ‘Bus Stop’ that we all wish to see! Where love waits for us, smiles at our first sight, and walks towards us as we prepare to halt.

What is she trying to tell me with that queer look..? That I have been an ardent admirer of her charm for apparent reasons, or that I have endeavoured to impress her to the level of wooing her, or that I’m pretty late here with my feelings for her..?!

Oh! That’s it! Here’s the twist in the story! Today is the 21st of August 2014, the day Nazriya is set to enjoy nuptial bliss with that man Fahadh Faasil. .. I almost forgot ... That explains her queer, Mona Lisa smile in the last chapter! Well, let me wish the couple a very happy wedded life.. You know, I have always shown great sportsman spirit .. hmmm... Life sucks, man!!


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