A fall is a hit, for Preity!

Sep 29, 2006 IANS

Mumbai, Sep 29 (IANS) Bollywood actor Preity Zinta's colleagues may swear by numerology and the 'K' fixations, but the star herself is quite convinced that each fall leads to a hit.

Preity jokes that whenever she fell on a set, the film turned out to be a hit.

During the shooting of "Jaan-e-Mann" - a triangular love story which also stars Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar - she tripped.

It took her five minutes to realise that choreographer Farah Khan had tricked her into tripping.

Teasing her Farah said, "Preity has fallen. The film will be a hit!"

Every one else too joined in: "The film is going to be a hit."

Preity silently prayed for the success of "Jaan-e-Mann" and hoped it turns out to be a super hit.

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