Aamir Khan joins Punjab wedding ceremony...in disguise

Dec 20, 2009 IANS

Faridkot (Punjab), Dec 20 (IANS) Village-girl Ramandeep Kaur in Punjab's border district of Faridkot did not have anything in common with well-known cricketer Sourav Ganguly till Saturday. Not until Aamir Khan, disguised as a documentary filmmaker from abroad, landed up at her village on the eve of her wedding.

The bride and her family of Churchak village near Jagraon could not in their wildest dreams imagine that the disguised filmmaker was none other than the Bollywood star until he told them so himself.

The actor had last week played a similar prank at Ganguly's house after he landed up in Kolkata disguised as a fan of the former Indian cricket captain.

Dressed as a hippie-looking foreigner visiting India for documentary filmmaking, Aamir attended the pre-wedding celebrations in Kaur's village near Jagraon town, 250 km from Chandigarh.

"Aamir Khan came to the wedding functions. Initially, we were told that he was a documentary maker. When his real identity was revealed, there was even greater joy and excitement in the household and the entire village," Ramandeep's father Jasvir Singh told IANS Sunday.

Ramandeep's wedding to groom Gurjit Singh was solemnised Sunday as per Sikh religious rites.

The winter chill of north India did not stop Aamir from being part of the rural wedding ceremonies Saturday night for over two hours despite having reported sick just a day earlier at Jaipur.

The trip, of course, was part of Aamir's ongoing promotion of his yet to be released film "3 Idiots".

"Some people approached us a few days back that someone wanted to shoot a rural wedding. That person came as a commoner and was treated as any other guest. Only later we were told that he is Aamir Khan," said Jasvir Singh, a farmer and landlord.

The actor not only sang and danced with men and women at the wedding but also ate dinner with them. He even gifted a ring to the bride after the 'Mehendi' ceremony.

He left only past midnight - perhaps headed for another undisclosed location in disguise.

But before doing that, he did not forget to invite the new couple to come to Mumbai for the premiere of his latest film later this week - this being his wedding gift for the honeymooners. Click the Movie button below for more info:
3 Idiots

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