'Aashiqui 2' bold move by Vishesh Films: Rahul Roy

Jul 12, 2012 IANS

Mumbai, July 12 (IANS) Actor Rahul Roy, who embarked on his acting journey with "Aashiqui" 22 years ago, says it is a bold move by Vishesh Films to make "Aashiqui 2", adding that every film has its destiny and part two may work wonders.

"Of course, I am happy that 'Aashiqui 2' is being made. It's a bold move by Vishesh Films to make 'Aashiqui 2'," Rahul Roy told IANS.

Known for launching new faces, director Mahesh Bhatt had roped in Rahul Roy and model Anu Agarwal for "Aashiqui".

Remembering the initial stage of filmmaking, Rahul said: "When we started out, nobody expected that this film would be a great hit. I am happy that they are going for it (Aashiqui 2) and who knows the film might become a cult movie."

For the latest version of the romantic saga, Mohit Suri will wield the megaphone and has teamed up with youngsters Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor.

Rahul says that he is aware that "it's not the same story, it's a different story. Mohit is directing the film and I am glad that it is being made by the same banner. I wish them good luck".

Released in 1990, "Aashiqui" was not only a box office success, but all the songs from the film, including "Ek sanam chahiye" and "Nazar ke saamne jigar ke paas" were chartbusters.

Rahul says claims comparisons are inevitable.

"As far as music is concerned it's a very tough call again because the music had touched everyone's heart and is still around after 22 years. It's very difficult but it has definitely peek peoples interest. People will tend to compare it with the original but it is up to Mohit who will have to trick with the story and divert their attention."

"Even 'Sholay', 'Agneepath' and many other films were remade and people had compared them with the original. So comparisons are inevitable," he added.

The actor feels it is unfair to compare Sharaddha and Aditya with him and Anu.

"When Anu and I started with the film, I knew Anu from the modelling days still I was not comfortable that she was doing the film. But it was because of the script that chemistry came in on screen. And I give all the credit to Mahesh Bhatt sahib," the 44-year-old said.

"As I always say, 'Har film apni kismet lekar aati hai'. So you never know that this 'Aashiqui' might do better than the original. I would say lets give Aditya and Shraddha an opportunity to try and give another twist to the film. So you never know this 'Aashiqui 2' might be a big hit too."

"Aashiqui 2" is likely be released on Valentine's Day next February. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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