Abhishek in 'Home Delivery'

Dec 4, 2005 Subhash K Jha

Mumbai, Dec 4 (IANS) Abhishek Bachchan makes a cameo appearance in Sujoy Ghosh's ready-for-release emotional comedy "Home Delivery".

Sujoy is a mixture of nervousness and thrills.

"Abhishek just makes an appearance as himself. He was kind enough to do a very Hollywood-like cameo, whatever that means, and so was Karan Johar, who plays himself in my film. Talk about a biographical touch."

Now after Abhishek's cameo it will be his dad in Sujoy's next.

"I was planning another film, a thriller called 'Borivili Express' with Bachchan saab. Now I have zeroed in on a fantasy caper that I want to do with him. I will start scripting it once 'Home Delivery' is out."

Sujoy intends to bring elements from several well-known fairytales into the project with AB senior. It would be his first fantasy since Shashi Kapoor's "Ajooba".

Right now Sujoy is totally overpowered by the desire to see "Home Delivery" succeed.

"It's a tough act to follow up. The second film is always much harder. The first time people had no expectations from me. Now they expect another 'Jhankar Beats' from me. That's really unfair.

"'Home Delivery' is nothing like my first film. Sure, it's funny. But it's the emotions that hold the plot together. I would like people to laugh during 'Home Delivery'. But I would also like them to cry.

"If I succeed in bringing a lump in the throat at a time when some directors are trying to bring a lump in other places, I think I have hit home."

Sujoy is candid enough to admit the cast worked itself out. "I worked with the stars who were willing to work with me. And, boy, am I glad!

"Vivek Oberoi's comic aptitudes might have been debatable after 'Masti'.

'Home Delivery' will prove he's our best comic actor. He's also our most misunderstood actor. All the rubbish I had heard about him proved to be just that.

"On the sets he was the most professional guy going. Once the camera switched off, he would rush to his van to play with his PS2 (PlayStation 2 console).

"All the actors from Boman Irani to Ayesha Takia to Mahima Chowdhary were so wonderful. There was absolutely no tension on the sets."

Sujoy wants to get way from doing the expected.

"But you have to be like Sanjay Bhansali. You have to keep pushing the threshold every time. 'Jhankar Beats' went much further than I expected.

"But I found a certain moist quality missing in my first film. I have tried to remedy that in 'Home Delivery'. This time the screenplay is very complicated. I have given it my best shot. I have lived with 'Home Delivery' for nine months. Now it's time for the delivery."

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