Actor Siddharth feels 'Roadies', 'Dadagiri' should be banned

Mar 9, 2011 IANS

New Delhi, March 9 (IANS) Actor Siddharth of "Rang De Basanti" fame says youth-based reality shows "Roadies" and "Dadagiri" are offensive. He feels if these shows are not banned, ragging in Indian colleges will never end.

Siddharth, a big name in southern cinema, expressed concern through his post on Twitter.

"Following conversations with friends I checked out 'Roadies' on MTV & 'Dadagiri' on Bindaas. If these two offensive shows are not banned immediately, ragging in Indian colleges will never end. If these self-proclaimed bhais think they can verbally and physically assault swayed mindless youngsters, and they are allowed to (do so) by the govt and by the censor board, then it is a shame."

"The army has boot camps for a reason. The ends fortunately or unfortunately justify the means. These psychos are getting away with behaviour that qualifies as criminal. Do we as a young country have it in us to stop this? (sic)"

The actor says he is "seriously disturbed. Thank god I grew up before this time."

He added: "If nothing else, can we at least have a parental advisory before these shows? or a minimum age requirement? or a late night telecast? Not prime time! Is this too much to ask?"

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