Actresses can't be best friends: Sameera Reddy

Apr 21, 2012 IANS

Mumbai, April 21 (IANS) Bollywood beauty Sameera Reddy had no clash with Kangna Ranaut on the sets of their forthcoming film "Tezz", but she says no two actresses can be best friends.

Asked if there were any cat fights on the set of "Tezz", Sameera said: "Nothing like that happened."

"I keep to myself a lot and I don't get over-friendly. I don't believe two actresses can be best friends. It's an absolute myth. I will never say anybody is my friend! But we are absolutely good to each other," she added.

In "Tezz", directed by Priyadarshan, Sameera has tried her hand at action. She says the genre is scary.

"Action is not easy. It is scary and has been a real challenge. On the last day of the shooting, when I fell and got hurt, I didn't tell my parents. I tried to keep quiet and not tell anyone, but everything came up in the media and my parents were like 'please don't do this'," she said.

Besides some action, Sameera will also be seen riding a bike in the film.

"When I signed the film, I said I will do it. When the time came to perform action sequences, I said sorry sir I can't do this. But then it happened with conviction. Now when I see the moments with the bike, I wonder how it happened," the 29-year-old said.

Sameera says the crew took due safety measures for the bike scene in the film, which is to release April 27.

"The safety measures they took for me were commendable," said Sameera, who is trying to strike a balance between her southern and Bollywood films.

"In south, when I lost weight, they got pissed with me. It is difficult to handle both the industries. South is my world. I always go with what I feel is right. They don't like if I lose weight, they don't like too much of exposure. I am lucky that I have this parallel life going on," she said.

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