'Aiyyaa', 'Chittagong' clash not planned: Kashyap

Oct 8, 2012 IANS

New Delhi, Oct 8 (IANS) Two of Anurag Kashyap's films "Aiyyaa" and "Chittagong" are releasing on the same day. The filmmaker is insists the clash was not intentional, but he is confident it will not affect the business of the films.

" 'Aiyyaa' and 'Chittagong' releases were not intentional. It just happened. 'Chittagong' was due to release on Oct 12th and 'Aiyaa' was moved due to other things," Kashyap told reporters here Monday.

"My first concern was to talk to both my producers and distributors that if they think (simultaneous) release of the films will affect each other. But it was known that both are different films and they have locked the quite a good number of screens for themselves. So it would not affect," he added.

Kashyap is known to bring new wave cinema with critically acclaimed films like "Dev D", "Gulaal" and "Gangs of Wasseypur" Part 1 and Part 2. Most were small-budget ventures, but Kashyap says he hasn't suffered losses so far.

"We work backwards. We budget our films keeping in mind the worst that they might witness. So we don't really lose money. We either break even or make profits," he said.

"Before '...Wasseypur', our films were making minor profits but after it released tables have turned. And now we have 'Aiyyaa', 'Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana' coming out together, so lets see where we go from here, but the thing is we will continue working in the same way," he added. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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