Ajay prefers 'Omkara' to 'Othello'

May 29, 2006 IANS

Mumbai, May 30 (IANS) So charged is Ajay Devgan about his forthcoming film "Omkara", the Hindi adaptation of Shakespeare's "Othello", that he prefers it to the original.

"I guess everyone knows this is based on Shakespeare's 'Othello'. When I heard the script, I was very excited to do it. Usually what happens is when you see the final draft, you think, 'ok, it's nice but not as you thought it would be.'

"This is one film I am as excited about as I was on the first day. The way Vishal Bhardwaj has adapted it I would say he has done a great job. For me, it is better than the original. Vishal is a brilliant writer and director."

Talking about his first experience at the Cannes Film Festival, he said: "It was my first time at the Cannes. The experience was amazing. Cannes has a great film market. I didn't have time to watch any other film, as I was there only for a day."

Ajay went to Cannes for the launch of a coffee table book on the making of "Omkara" in which he plays the title role.

"It is a coffee table book and also talks about how the thought came to Vishal to make a film on 'Othello'. The show reel on 'Omkara' was appreciated by everybody there."

German filmmaker Roland Emmerich, who was at Cannes for the premiere of his new film, also saw the "Omkara" show reel and appreciated it a lot. "He freaked out over the promos of 'Omkara'," said Ajay.

The film is to open July 28.

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