Akshay wants Diwali release for 'Action Replayy': Shah

Jun 28, 2010 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, June 28 (IANS) After "Blue" last year, one would think Akshay Kumar would stay away from Diwali releases. In fact that is what Vipul Shah had presumed and was in fact planning an Eid or a post-Diwali release for his directorial venture "Action Replayy", but a call from the star changed his plans.

Akshay, who is playing the male lead and also co-producing "Action Replayy", called Shah from London and asked him to opt for a Diwali release despite the fact that a big franchise film "Golmaal 3" was already scheduled for the same time.

"You'd be surprised to know that in spite of 'Blue' last Diwali, Akshay wants us to go ahead with 'Action Replayy' this Diwali. Let's not forget, Akshay's 'Garam Masala' had also released for Diwali and it was a big hit," said Shah.

Apparently Akshay wants a Diwali release because he feels a fun, frothy, and goofy film like "Action Replayy" has great festive value, and bad omen be damned.

"We're hoping for both 'Golmaal 3' and 'Action Replayy' to do well. If only one film can succeed, may the best one win. And may we be the best," said Shah.

Shah is also planning a collaboration with Tamil director Gautham Menon who directed the original Tamil version of Suriya-starrer "Kaakha Kaakha" that he is now remaking in Hindi with John Abraham in the lead. Nishikant Kamat will direct it.

Throughout the re-scripting of the original Tamil into Hindi, Shah kept Menon in the loop about the changes.

"We've made drastic changes in the script from the original. 'Kaakha Kaakha' is a seven-year-old film. The cop played by John will be completely different from Suriya in the original. The police force and the law and order situation have changed.

"We've altered the screenplay completely. While buying the remake rights, we had stipulated that the changes would be made. So legally or ethically we did not need to keep Gautham in the loop."

However, Shah felt it was only decent to inform the original about the changes. During these telephonic conversations between Shah and Menon, the former realised the Tamil director could bring a refreshing new idiom to commercial Hindi cinema.

"I'm definitely going to work with Gautham," said Shah.

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