All for my wife and daughters: Arjun Rampal on his work

Jun 13, 2010 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, June 13 (IANS) Audiences and critics are once again raving about Arjun Rampal's performance as an aggressive young politician in "Raajneeti" and the actor says he is choosing unconventional roles to impress his wife and daughters.

"My daughters found 'Raajneeti' a little too intense for their liking. When they're a little older I hope to sit and watch it with them. In fact, my whole endeavour is to create a body of work that my wife and kids can be proud of," Arjun said.

It isn't surprising to know Arjun's two daughters are his biggest fans and that his wife Meher thinks he has given his career's best performance in "Raajneeti".

And now Arjun is off on a month long holiday with the three girls in his life.

"It's an annual ritual. We always take a vacation during the daughters' summer vacation. We're leaving for London June 20. From there we're heading for Greece. Just the four of us."

Arjun leaves accompanied by a whole lot of critical acclaim for "Raajneeti".

"I guess the National Award for 'Rock On!!' gave me the confidence to face the camera with all the National Award winners in 'Raajneeti'. The feedback for 'Raajneeti' is tremendous. It's important for me to pick parts that take me beyond 'Rock On!!' and 'Raajneeti'. Since unconventional films are being accepted, why do hackneyed or cliched roles?"

While promoting "Raajneeti" Arjun found it difficult to keep his new look for Shah Rukh Khan's home production "Ra.One" out of the public eye.

"It isn't easy wearing a cap in this heat. But while promoting 'Raajneeti' I had to make sure my 'Ra.One' look doesn't get revealed. Both Shah Rukh and I have a particular look for the film. And I guess we both need to keep it hidden from the public."

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