Anusha can't remove herself from 'Peepli Live': Aamir

Nov 5, 2010 IANS

Mumbai, Nov 5 (IANS) Reacting to director Anusha Rizvi's decision to disassociate herself from 'Peepli Live', actor-producer Aamir Khan said it would be difficult for her to do so because it's her film.

'She has made the film, now removing herself from the film will be difficult for her,' Aamir Thursday told the reporters at the DVD launch of 'Peepli Live', which is India's entry at the Oscars this year.

Rizvi feels critical acclaim and commercial success of the film have boosted Aamir's fame instead of serving the actual purpose of making the film, so she decided to steer clear of promoting her directorial debut for the Oscar.

But Aamir said: 'Every one has his or her opinion, she has her own. As far as my opinion is concerned, I will shoulder all my responsibilities. The film is neither mine nor her, it's audiences'. I have fulfilled every responsibility as a producer and will do it until death.'

'My point of view is that as it's such a good film, I should make it reach to a broader spectrum of audience and the message should reach to as many people as possible.'

Asked if Rizvi is shying away from her responsibility, he said: 'I can't comment on that. Each one has their own thoughts; each one has their own take on what their responsibility is. As far I am concerned, I will stick to my responsibilities.'

'Peepli Live' is a satire on farmers' suicide in India and how media, politician and bureaucrats individually try to use it for their advantage.

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