'Baabul' album released without Amitabh's theme song

Nov 6, 2006 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Nov 6 (IANS) The title song of director Ravi Chopra's "Baabul" is supposedly Amitabh Bachchan's most poignant number ever and reduced even his pragmatic wife Jaya to tears. But what is possibly Amitabh's career's best song is missing from the album. Instead, it is rendered by Jagjit Singh.

A strange state of affairs since Amitabh has composed the song and took time off to record it.

Curiously, Bhushan Kumar of T Series, who has released the "Baabul" album, has no knowledge of the Amitabh's contribution to the theme song.

"Has Amitji really composed the number? I wasn't aware of this. All I know is that he has sung the number. I believe Aadesh Shrivastava recorded it. We've released the music that was given to us by the producers. And it contains Jagjit Singh's theme song. We were told that Amitji will dub the song later and that we should add it in the second edition of the music," Kumar told IANS.

So, why the rush to release the music?

"BR Films and Ravi Chopra had an event planned. The music release had to coincide with that," explained Kumar.

Aadesh admits the whole rush release has created an awkward situation.

"Jagjit Singh did ask me what was the arrangement. I explained to him that there're two distinct versions of the theme song. Each time Amitji comes on screen we'll be playing his version."

Will Amitabh be credited for his song?

"He doesn't want any credit. He just loves creating music with me. In fact, we'll soon be doing a whole album of UP folk songs together. Amitji told me, 'Aadesh, let's get together and freak out'."

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