Bhatt camp's 'Jannat' a chartbuster

Mar 25, 2008 Meghna Menon

The Bhatts are back and this time they have "Jannat" to offer which has eight songs. Pritam Chakraborty has composed seven songs and none of them is below average.

In fact, each one deserves to be given at least one hearing. This time, Pritam ensures that the masses enjoy and remember the album. "Judai" is sung and composed by Kamran Ahmed.

The first song "Door na jaa" is impressive from the word 'go'. While Rana Mazumdar's rendition is incredible, lyricist Sayeed Quadri's wordings are no less. Pritam brings back earlier compositions of his into the track in a much more classical way and deserves a thumbs up for this number.

"Haan tu hain" also boasts of a great rendition by KK. The track is pretty decent, but not an all rounder like the previous one. The music and the lyrics are okay, but KK does a good job.

The second winner comes in the form of "Jannat jahaan". A "rock" song, it enthrals you with its music that is addictive. Pritam ropes in Rupam Islam to sing the song and he has done an incredible job.

"Jannat jahaan" may have the 'Bhatt Camp' tag on it, but it doesn't get repetitive or boring at all. In fact, it's hard to find an error with this piece.

"Judai", a track sung and composed by Kamran Ahmed, plays next. Falling in the rock genre again, this number is a chartbuster for sure. Out to captivate the audience, "Judai" has been amazingly rendered, composed and written.

"Lambi judai" sees Richa Sharma rendering her vocals. Richa, who usually signs folksy numbers, does a pretty good job, but one couldn't really blame anyone if they skip the song because there are more interesting songs in the album. Nevertheless, a noteworthy performance!

KK entertains his fans with "Zara sa" which comes next. While the song has Pritam written all over it, it still manages to surprise you with the music. The music is soothing, pleasing and the kind one would like to sing along with.

Pritam does a good job in "Jannat" and his roping in of singers from across the border has resulted in noteworthy renditions. In fact, "Jannat" has been consistent with great singing by each and every singer on board. "Jannat" is an album that is definitely going to sell.

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