'Blue', 'London Dreams' set to clash Aug 14

Mar 14, 2009 Subhash K Jha

Mumbai, March 14 (IANS) It will be a clash of the Titans. Two of the biggest films of the year, Vipul Shah's "London Dreams" and director Anthony D'Souza's "Blue", are set to release on the same day - Aug 14.

To prevent the clash in dates, Vipul has been trying to convince the makers of "Blue" to release it a week earlier. "I don't think there should be a problem. Not with Akshay (Kumar) being part of 'Blue'," Vipul told IANS.

Vipul had earlier taken friend Akshay into confidence and met Raj Mehta, head honcho of Asthavinayak, to request them for a change in the release date of "Blue".

"It wasn't just any two big films clashing. It was an Akshay starrer clashing with my film. Akshay is not just a favourite actor, a close friend and business associate. His business interests are my concern. So we did request Raj Mehta to shift the date for their 'Blue'. Yes, they've agreed to release the film one week before 'London Dreams' Aug 7," Vipul had said.

However, Anthony D'Souza, who is shooting round the clock to complete the film, insists that the release will be on schedule.

"As far as I know they ('London Dreams') are releasing a week before us. We're releasing on Aug 13 (a Thursday) which is a public holiday. The added holiday gives us the longest-ever weekend for a film to release and grow."

Vipul, however, insists "London Dreams" is coming out on Aug 14.

To this, Anthony D'Souza said: "In that case we'll both come together. There's no way we're pre-poning 'Blue'. We want the long Independence Day weekend. Are we stupid to give it up because of competition. In any case 'London Dreams' and 'Blue' are very different films. I believe there's room for two big films when they don't clash in theme or star cast."

However, Vipul seems to think it's suicidal to release both films during the same weekend. "London Dreams" features Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan.

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