Bobby Deol hopeful of 'Dosti'

Dec 25, 2005 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Dec 25 (IANS) Actor Bobby Deol is very optimistic about his new release "Dosti" and doesn't mind sharing the success with Akshay Kumar as long as the film does well.

Bobby says: "I am hopeful about 'Dosti' and won't mind sharing the success with Akshay as long as the film does well."

He, however, jumps to the defence of his earlier film "Barsaat" with Suneel Darshan. " 'Barsaat' did well, much better than some of the over-hyped films. It was like when my brother Sunny's film 'Gadar' was released on the same Friday as 'Lagaan.'

"'Lagaan' was made out to be the biggest ever when in fact 'Gadar' was miles and miles ahead. Today some of the supposedly dependable sections of the press don't even acknowledge the success of 'Gadar'.

"'Barsaat' didn't get hyped. Our family is always given a raw deal. It upsets me. But as long as we do good work it's fine. What else can we ask for?"

Bobby admits "Dosti" is very different from "Barsaat".

He says: "The film portrays the loneliness of kids from very rich families. It's about my friendship with the character played by Akshay Kumar. We do have more prominent roles than Lara and Kareena. But they haven't been sidelined or anything."

He sighs. "After a long time we have a film about male bonding. I believe in serious friendships. I have friends who have been with me since childhood.

"Akshay and I really get along well. He's one of my close friends from the film industry. He advises me about some very important issues, like healthy living."

He pauses to think about the real-life friends. "Me and Akshay did 'Ajnabee' which had an interesting plot. At that time we were just getting to know each other. Shooting with him for 'Dosti' was like a holiday."

Next is Anil Sharma's "Apne". "My father, brother and I are playing our real-life roles. But the drama and tensions are different. It's the story of a father who tries to live his unfulfilled dreams through his sons. Fortunately my dad has fulfilled his dreams. He never had to depend on us for anything."

Also on the anvil is another film with Suneel Darshan. "It would be very different from both 'Barsaat' and 'Dosti'. I guess there's a great comfort level with Suneel. Directors find me hassle-free. I like that.

"Why would anyone want to have hassles in life? I would rather be straight and simple than unnecessarily complicated. Even if 'Barsaat' or 'Dosti' didn't do well, I would like to do another film with him. He's a capable producer and director. So everything is taken care of."

Right now Bobby is the happiest man on earth. "I have got my entire family here with me in Chandigarh. My mom, dad, wife and my two sons are here. I love the North Indian winter. We'll be celebrating New Year's eve.

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