Capricorn girl's role was toughest: Priyanka

Sep 19, 2009 Gurmukh Singh

Toronto, Sep 19 (IANS) Priyanka Chopra, who is eyeing a Guinness record by playing 12 brides-in-waiting in Ashutosh Gowariker's "What's Your Rashee?", says this is one feat she would love to tell her grandchildren about. The actress revealed that playing the Capricorn teenager was the most difficult of all the roles.

In "What's Your Rashee?", which is based on Madhu Rye's Gujarati novel "Kimball Ravenswood", Priyanka plays the roles of 12 girls who meet bride-hunting NRI Yogesh Patel played by Hurman Baweja.

"The role of the Capricorn girl was toughest for me," said the actress, who walked the red carpet at the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival here Saturday with co-star Hurman and Gowariker.

In the film, the Capricorn girl is named Jhankhana who is just 15 years old.

"To play a 15-year-ol girl without make-up or special effects to make me look younger was the most challenging role for me. I had to look 15 years old just through my body language. I didn't want any of the l2 girls to be caricatures or not look real," Priyanka said.

The former Miss World said she had to make subtle variationS in her walk, talk and mannerisms to portray each of the 12 characters. "I used a lot of voice variations, but at the same time I didn't want to sound fake.

"The only thing I could change was clothes, hair, the body language and the way I speak," she said.

The Bollywood actress, who is set to enter the Guinness Book of Records for playing 12 female roles in a film, laughed and said: "It is not official yet. Yes, it is great even to be considered that I am the first female actor in the world to have played that many parts. It is is something that I would like to tell my grandkids."

Priyanka said playing multiple roles in the movie was "one of the greatest six months of my life. It was the most daunting task of my life so far".

But she added she was lucky to get multiple roles very early in her career.

"Usually, the actors who have played multiple roles have been very experienced. For me, this is a huge honour."

Priyanka said she now believes in sun sign compatibility in her real life as well.

"Before this movie, I used to read horoscopes in the morning just out of curiosity and to get some fun. However, my logical mind refused to believe how everyone in the entire world can be clubbed into just 12 groups."

But once she started doing this movie and researching on the characteristics of each sun sign, she said, she started believing that human beings under same sun signs have some common traits.

"I am a Cancerian born in July...I have met so many people from across the world under this sun sign. Uncannily, they have similar characteristics like me - being emotional, homely. There is something about it (sun signs) for sure," Priyanka said. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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