Child actor dances his way to fans' hearts

Jan 9, 2008 IANS

New Delhi, Jan 9 (IANS) Darsheel aka Ishaan Awasthi, the child actor in Aamir Khan's directorial debut "Taare Zameen Par", did not dance on-screen to the song "Bum bum bole". However, the little actor danced during the retakes of the shots.

"I have trained in Shiamak's (Davar) school and I am a good dancer. Everyone in 'Bum bum bole' danced, excluding me. I was very upset. So, every time they shot a retake, I would start dancing," Darsheel wrote in Aamir Khan's blog

Recounting memories of the shoot, he added: "Acting with Tanay and Sachet was great fun and partying with them was amazing fun."

In the film released Dec 21, Darsheel plays the role of a dyslexic child.

Aamir was at Darsheel's house for lunch with wife Kiran and wished one could have seen the boy's face as he read the blog posts.

However, before handing over his laptop to Darsheel, an overwhelmed Aamir penned: "I want you to know that I am absolutely thrilled with what I have been reading through your posts."

"Every stress and every pain-filled moment that I may have gone through to make TZP feels worth it after reading your responses. I am humbled with your generosity, and I feel stronger and filled with courage to do better and more challenging work in the future."

For the record, Aamir's post, which was largely about his films, attracted 532 comments from his fans.

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