'Chittagong' selected for Gandhinagar International Film Festival

Aug 29, 2012 IANS

Manoj Bajpayee starrer "Chittagong" will be screened at the opening night of the Gandhinagar International Film Festival to be held from Aug 30 to Sep 2 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Directed by former NASA scientist Bedabrata Pain, the film is based on a little known incident in the 1930s British India, where a handful of untrained teenage boys and girls, led by a school teacher, gave the British their first military defeat.

The film is presented by Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt Ltd and Bohra Bros Production Pvt Ltd and features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Raj Kumar Yadav of "Ragini MMS" fame,

"Chittagong" is slated for nationwide release Oct 12.

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