Composing music is my greatest passion: Shibani Kashyap

Mar 14, 2006 Prashant K. Nanda

New Delhi, March 15 (IANS) Delhi girl Shibani Kashyap, whose Bollywood number "Zinda hoon main..." is a rage these days, loves to sing and perform on stage. But her greatest passion lies in composing music.

"I love singing, but what excites me most is composing music. Here you can put your creativity into music and its scope is limitless," said Shibani, who composed and sang the title track of Sanjay Gupta's blockbuster "Zinda".

The singer, who also composed two songs for Aditya Bhattacharya's "Dubai Return", believes the music industry is not "male-dominated" and its one's "talent and not gender" that brings recognition.

"Though the Indian film industry is full of competition, no one pulls you back just because you are a female. If you want to do something worthwhile, nothing can stop you," Shibani told IANS in an interview here.

A graduate in English literature from the University of Delhi, Shibani used to compose music for all her albums.

"The audiences got a glimpse of my work in my albums like 'Nazakat', 'Nagmagee' and 'Everything But The Girl'. I am working on another album, which would be released in a couple of months.

"It will have eight songs composed by me and celebrate youthfulness. The first number will have a video too to make it more visible," she said.

Elaborating her love for experimentation, she said while "Nazakat" was a romantic album woven around beauty and sensuality, "Nagmagee" was a Sufi rock album.

Speaking on her experience in Bollywood, Shibani said she is too young in the industry but it has been a learning process for her.

"In front of icons like Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, you are always a youngster. You look up to them for inspiration," said the talented singer.

Right now she has offers from Bappi Lahri and Taufiq Quereshi to sing for them.

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