Crime-based movies to dominate this Friday

Jul 5, 2011 IANS

New Delhi, July 5 (IANS) After the success of "Murder", filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt returns with "Murder 2". Releasing Friday, the crime thriller will see Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez setting the screen afire with her oomph. "Chillar Party", about gang of children, is coming out on the same day to compete with it.

While "Murder", which starred Mallika Sherawat, was directed by Anurag Basu, the sequel has been helmed by Mohit Suri. Apart from Emraan Hashmi, the cast of the film includes Prashant Naraynan, Sulagna Panigrahi and Sudhanshu Pandey.

Set in Goa, the film is the story of Arjun Bhagwat (Emraan), an ex-cop, who earns his livelihood by doing odd jobs. For For him, money is everything and he can take up any job to earn it.

In his quest to earn money, Arjun meets Sameer, a Goan gangster, who has been suffering a huge loss as his girls have been running away. Knowing Arjun's expertise in investigation as an ex-cop, he assigns Arjun for the job offering him a huge sum and asks him to find those girls.

Priya (Jacqueline), a model, is deeply in love with Arjun. But Arjun doesn't recoprocate because for him the only thing that matters is money.

While investigating, Arjun realises that missing girls are connected by a cell phone number. He devises a plan to send Reshma (Sulagna), a young college girl who is also a sex worker, to Dheeraj Pandey's (Prashant) house. But the unexpected happens when it is revealed that Dheeraj is a serial killer and that he has turned into an eunuch.

Arjun gets into a tiff with Dheeraj and they both land up at a police station, where Dheeraj confesses to the heinous crimes he did in the past.

The director had to ask for some of Jacqueline's dialogues to be dubbed because of pronunciation problems. The actress, who debuted in Bollywood with "Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai", tried to perfect her diction by listening to the recorded lines.

Yana Gupta will be seen in an item number in the film. The item song is believed to have been offered to actress Bipasha Basu, but she refused to be a part of it.

On the other hand, "Chillar Party", co-produced by Salman Khan's Being Human Productions and UTV Spotboy, is about a gang of innocent but feisty kids living in Mumbai's Chandan Colony. However their lives change when two boys Fatka and Bheedu join the group.

The kids face difficulties when Bheedu's life is in danger due to a mean politician. They decide to fight the big bad world and prove that kids should not be taken lightly.

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