'De Dana Dan' not among Pritam's best works

Nov 8, 2009 Ruchika Kher

There's been an overdose of Pritam's works this year with "De Dana Dan" being the 11th film he has composed music for. While most of the scores he's given in 2009 have been appreciated, the music of "De Dana Dan" is not one of his best works.

Another comedy from Priyadarshan, "De Dana Dan" stars Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Suniel Shetty and Neha Dhupia.

The album has a heard-before feel and doesn't create too much interest. It contains six originals and an equal number of remixes.

The opening track "Rishte naate" is a melodious romantic track crooned by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Suzzane Demello. The breezy, soft-paced song is nice but not brilliant.

It also has a remix version that offers more beats.

Next in line is "Paisa", which is already being heard on music channels. The song with a Punjabi touch has RDB - The Punjabi pop band -, Manak-E and Selina behind the mike. The song is catchy but in terms of composition and singing, the track has a definite heard-before feeling. But it could be a hit at the DJ consoles.

This one too has a remix version that is faster in pace.

"Gale lag ja" is another soft, mushy number that generates interest. And it has been sung really well by Javed Ali and Banjyotsana.

Then we have "Baamulaiza" sung by Mika Singh, Dominique Cerejo and Style Bhai. The song gives a complete feel of a carnival and has mostly English lyrics. The track is lively and catchy but offers nothing fresh.

It has two remixed versions, one a reggae mix and the other a normal remix - efforts to make it popular on the dance floor.

Up next is Sunidhi Chauhan singing "Hotty naughty" that has traces of hip hop. The fast-paced song has poor lyrics and composition - a complete disappointment.

This song too has a remix version.

Finally there is the title track "De Dana Dan", which is energetic and pacy and crooned by Ad Boys. The track is dominated by percussion and is an average number.

On the whole, the album offers nothing extraordinary. For once, Pritam hasn't really cast a spell on listeners. Click the Movie button below for more info:
De Dana Dan


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