'Delhi-6' loved by orphans at screening

Feb 22, 2009 IANS

New Delhi, Feb 22 (IANS) More than the jigs of Sonam Kapoor in the popular song 'Masakali' from "Delhi-6", it was the episode of communal harmony that touched the heart of 10-year-old Babita, an orphan, who enjoyed the movie at a special screening here Sunday.

"I loved the scene where both communities (Hindus and Muslims) get united. That particular scene aptly showed what misunderstanding and anger can lead to," Babita, a Class 5 student, told IANS after watching the film at Delite cinema here.

The screening was organised by Virendra Sachdeva, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader of the Chandni Chowk area for the orphan children of Arya Orphanage (Daryaganj). More than 100 children of the orphanage watched the movie Sunday.

Chandni Chowk has its Pin Code as - 110006, from which the film, based on the walled city area, has taken its name.

"I just loved the movie. Though I have not been to Chandni Chowk yet, I would now definitely like to visit the area," said an excited Chandni, 10, a classmate and friend of Babita.

The children were quite happy after watching the movie and nearly everyone expressed their desire to visit the walled city, which is a couple of kilometres away.

"I loved the movie but what really touched me was the role of an old fakir (mendicant) who told everyone with a mirror to look at themselves first and kill the demon within. Everyone should learn from this, that the real demon is within. We need to kill the wrong within and not others around us," said Indrajit, 15, whose answer surprised his friends.

"We need more films like this," he said.

Asked about the movie, Indrajit's friend Devvrat, just smiled and started dancing as his friend Uday started singing the song 'Masakali'.

Thanks to Sachdeva's efforts, children of the orphanage have gone for several movie shows in last few months, like "Om Shanti Om" and "Tashan".

"'Delhi-6' is a symbol of the rivers Ganga-Yamuna, Hindu-Muslim unity and this movie has very nicely shown the beauty and culture of the Chandni Chowk area. This is the reason I organised a screening for these underprivileged children," said Sachdeva, who belongs to the area and has been celebrating his birthdays with his family and the children of Arya Orphanage for the last 20 years.

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