'Delhi Belly' for adults, but there is no skin show: Aamir Khan

May 13, 2011 IANS

Mumbai, May 13 (IANS) Aamir Khan says his next production "Delhi Belly" is a bold film, but it doesn't have any skin show. The star was keen to do a role in the movie, which he believes will re-define the genre in the Hindi film industry.

"It's of course for adults, but there is no skin show. Neither have we made girls wear small clothes, nor are there any bold scenes. I think it would change the definition of bold films in Hindi cinema," Aamir told reporters at the launch of theatrical trailer of the movie releasing July 1.

This is his first production, which is not a family entertainment.

"My films had normally been family films or they had a social message. This is our first film which is certainly not for children because it has obscene language. We applied for adult certification for the film and we have got that.

"It's not even for those who have reservations about curse words. I myself don't use such words or language, but it fits the script. It's a very irreverent film, but it has humour in it," said Aamir.

"Delhi Belly", which stars Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor, is directed by well-known ad filmmaker Abhinay Deo and Aamir says: "I had seen Abhinay's ads. So I was really impressed with his work. Abhinay liked the script and that's how Abhinay came on board."

Abhinay has done justice to the script written by Los Angeles-based Akshat Verma, who studied movies at the University of California.

"As a producer I am very happy the way Abhinay has made the film, showed humour and made it more exciting. I think he has fully justified the faith we had in him," said Aamir who was tempted to play the role that Kunal is doing in the film.

"I was dying to do a role in this film. I regret that I didn't work as an actor in this film. I wanted to do the role of Kunal Roy Kapoor. But the character is supposed to be fat and sloppy. I just didn't want to put on weight as I have worked very hard to lose it," said Aamir.

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