Delhi girl sings in 'Rang De Basanti'

Jan 27, 2006 IANS, Jan 27

New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) Delhi girl Harshdeep is trying to create a niche for herself in Bollywood, having sung "Ik Onkaar" in Rakyesh Mehra's "Rang De Basanti".

"Actually it is not a song. It is an extract from Japji Sahib (Sikh morning prayer). I consider it an honour to sing 'Ik Onkaar'. We recorded it at 4 a.m. It was a very special moment for me. It is believed that early morning is the time of god and I actually felt god standing next to me and making me sing," says Harshdeep.

A trained classical singer, Harshdeep started her musical journey at the age of 14 by winning the MTV video GAGA contest 2001. In 2003, she released her first album "Romantica" - a compilation of old Pakistani songs.

She bowed in Bollywood with Deepak Tijori's "Oops" and sang two songs - "Alag alag" and "Uljalu" for the film. But they did not get her much recognition and now she is pinning her hopes on "Rang De Basanti".

"Rang De Basanti", which was released Thursday, is a youthful film. A.R. Rahman has composed the music for this youthful drama.

Asked about her experience of working with Rahman, she says: "I have always admired Rahman's music. He is a legend. Singing with him was like appearing for the board exams. I was excited as well as nervous. But the moment I entered into the recording studio and began to sing, everything went by as smooth as ice-cream."

She wants to compose music too.

"I don't want people to know me just as a singer. I want the world to know me as a complete musician. I love each and every aspect of music and don't want to stay untouched from any of it," she says.

She is currently busy composing songs for her forthcoming album, which will be released this year.

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