Designer says 'Fashion' was bad

Aug 20, 2009 IANS

New Delhi, Aug 21 (IANS) He was so disappointed with Madhur Bhandarkar's celluloid take on the fashion industry that designer Rahul Jain has decided to wield the megaphone himself. He wants to sign Shahid Kapoor to play the lead role.

Jain says it was his childhood dream to direct a movie, and after watching Priyanka Chopra-Mugdha Godse- Kangana Ranaut-starrer "Fashion", his dream turned into determination.

" 'Fashion' was a very bad movie. I didn't like it at all. I'm making this movie just to break the notion that fashion is only about glamour. A lot of hard work goes behind it. Today, if we are famous, it's because of the amount of hard work that we have put in," Jain told IANS.

"I want Shahid to play lead protagonist in my movie. He has got talent and fits perfectly into the role. The movie revolves around my experiences in the fashion circuit and how I have evolved over the years."

Describing his yet-to-be-titled movie as a designer's perspective into the fashion world, the outspoken designer says the movie will show how success, pain, sorrow and struggle are associated with a designer's life.

"The movie will talk about the pain, agony and discrimination that goes in this fashion circuit. It is not based on any fiction but all that I have observed, seen and dared to talk about. It would be the harsh reality of the fashion world.

"It would talk openly about the exploitation that exists in the fashion world," said Jain who doesn't have any formal training in fashion designing.

He gave up his corporate career to explore his creative side and teamed up with Gunjan Arora in 1998. Since then they have been working together for their label Sirali.

Jain has finished the script and says talks with production houses are in the final stage to finance the film. He plans to finalise everything about his project by October.

But before taking the plunge, Jain plans to assist one of his director friends to learn the nuances of direction.

"Whatever I do, I do with perfection; hence I would be assisting one of my friends to learn the basics of direction. It would help me during the making of the movie." Click the Movie button below for more info:


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