'Dhoom 2' third top Bollywood opener in North America

Nov 27, 2006 IANS

New York, Nov 28 (IANS) "Dhoom 2", described as "A Modern Bollywood Treatment of Mischief" by the New York Times, had the third largest opening ever for a Bollywood film in North America, netting $979,001 over the weekend.

The film, which officially opened at No. 17, also had the biggest opening ever for a non-Shah Rukh Khan film. The top three grossers over the weekend were: "Happy Feet" $37 million, "Casino Royale" $30.7 million and "Déjà vu" $20.5 million according to boxofficeguru.com,

Meanwhile, in a review Monday, The New York Times said, "Dhoom 2" may represent the newfangled Bollywood, but old-fashioned star power is what animates and elevates it above its occasional narrative flaws.

"When Hrithik Roshan's surprisingly green eyes meet Aishwarya Rai's surprisingly blue ones, it's a delirious moment of un-self-conscious, slightly cartoonish movie magic," says reviewer Rachel Saltz.

"The film is a more-than-equal-opportunity ogler. The camera comically lingers on Rai, playing a thief who teams up with Aryan, and Bipasha Basu, as the policewoman Shonali and her twin sister, the bikini-clad Monali.

"The pleasure principle is palpable in the giddy, slick 'Dhoom 2', a satisfying example of the new, thoroughly modern Bollywood. The film is shot in sharp, primary colours, with sophisticated stunts, exotic location hopping and songs sung partly in English (and available on iTunes no less).

"Beginning in the Namibian desert with a bit of post-colonial mischief - the theft (literally) of the British crown - and making stops in Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro, this cops and robbers tale embraces and devours every cliché, style (except, thankfully, naturalism) and half-naked body (ah, Rio!) it encounters.

"Hrithik Roshan plays Aryan, the 'smartest and coolest thief alive', as his police nemesis, Jai (Abhishek Bachchan), enthuses. (Jai to Aryan: 'I like your confidence'; Aryan to Jai: 'I like you.') And the buffest: at the mere hint of a flamenco beat, Roshan whips off his shirt," says Saltz.

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