Dressing Paresh Rawal in triple role was great

Nov 16, 2008 IANS

New Delhi, Nov 16 (IANS) Veteran actor Paresh Rawal sports three weird looks in Dibakar Banerjee's forthcoming venture "Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!". And the movie's stylists say it was great dressing him up for the triple role as he plays a Namdhari Sikh, a gangster and a veterinary doctor.

"Paresh has a triple role in the film and hence three distinct but weird looks," said Manoshi Nath, who has done the styling for the movie with partner Rushi Sharma.

In the film, which has Abhay Deol in the lead role, Paresh first plays a Namdhari Sikh from the 1980s. For this, they have his wardrobe reminiscent of the typical crazy colours and baggy clothes of the era.

"Paresh's first character comes from a lower middle-class strata and wears weird stuff. He sports a rainbow-coloured jacket, high-waist light blue and baggy jeans with a belt and fake Reebok shoes. Not to forget a white turban," Nath told IANS.

The look for Paresh's second character - gangster Gogi Bhai - is inspired by singer Narendra Chanchal and hence very flamboyant, flashy and loud, said Sharma.

"He wears a henna-coloured wig, vermilion mark on the forehead and a visible disco chain. He has also been shown wearing a completely white suit with a pink shirt. To add to that, there is also a red stole over it," she added.

In the third role of a vet - Dr. Handa - Paresh will be seen wearing more normal clothes.

"He wears regular shirts and pants and sports a cravat but the combination is very weird as he's got an edgier side to him," Sharma said.

Releasing Nov 28, "Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!" is inspired from the real-life story of Delhi-based "super thief" Bunty, who wanted to lead a plush life and become famous. It also stars actress Neetu Chandra.

The designer duo, who have worked as individual costume designers earlier for films like "Parineeta" and "Khosla Ka Ghosla", also revealed that Abhay's look runs parallel to what Bunty wore in real life - "Cheap sunglasses and shoes, leather style jackets, t-shirts and fake jeans," said Nath.

Apart from Paresh and Abhay, the designers have also styled Neetu's look.

"Neetu's character is very simple and down to earth with no make-up at all. Her character goes to an all-girls college and she belongs to the lower middle-class section. She wears everything from salwar suits to cheap jeans and a normal t-shirt with a jacket on top. Her hair is tied in a ponytail," Nath said.

However, her look takes a turn "with expensive clothes" after she meets the hero Abhay, says the designer.

"Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!" is the duo's first film together and Sharma said their work was heavily inspired by the "kitsch content and sub-culture of Delhi".

They also undertook a lot of "on the road" research for the film.

"We always had cameras on us and we clicked random people in Delhi whosoever we thought would go with the characters," said Sharma.

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