Eesha plans to live with Timmy's parents

Dec 4, 2009 Subhash K Jha

Mumbai, Dec 4 (IANS) After coming back from her honeymoon, Eesha Koppikar plans to stay with her husband Timmy Narang's parents in their family house. She says the place is so big that she will get enough space and privacy.

"We will be staying with Rohit's (Timm's real name) parents at the Narang House. I have been living in a joint family all my life so I consider Narang House as my own place. The house is large enough to have our own space and privacy and yet have the opportunity to spend time with the family," Eesha told IANS.

Talking about her post wedding plans, Eesha said: "To my wildest surprise, yesterday Rohit revealed to me where he is taking me for our honeymoon. Over the past few years I think he has been making a mental note of all the things I have never done. So our honeymoon is basically planned entirely by Rohit."

"Rohit has planned it in such a way that we get to enjoy the best of all seasons. It's the sun on the Caribbean cruise and it's the snow in New York and the world's most beautiful beaches in Turks and Caicos. I think he has planned it very beautifully. I just can't wait now to see the world with him."

After a sunny Caribbean honeymoon, the couple will bring in Christmas in New York.

"Rohit knew that I have never experienced a white Christmas and he has planned to take me to New York this Christmas where I'm told his friends are going to throw us a Christmas bash. I think it's extremely romantic of him to remember and plan a vacation in New York," said Eesha who tied the knot with Timmy last week.

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