'Ek Vivaah...' music sticks to tested formula

Nov 3, 2008 Meghna Menon

Sooraj Barjatya has roped in good friend Ravindra Jain to write the lyrics and compose the music for his "Ek Vivaah... Aisa Bhi". Together, they stick to their old, tried and tested formula, but Jain has nevertheless created melodious and romantic songs.

Shaan turns to be the real stunner in the album.

"Mujhme zinda hain woh" doesn't deviate from the kind of numbers Rajshri Productions' films usually belt out. With Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal at the vocals, this number is a typical 'Indian' track. Jain's composition and lyrics are average. The number plays a second time as well, but for a shorter duration.

"Dekhe akele humne solah mele" is similar to the previous track except in the vocals as it is a solo rendition by Shreya. This number too is a slow, romantic piece that has the Indianness intact with the presence of classical music. Jain's melodies are soothing and Shreya's voice is soulful. The song does get boring at places but maintains its rhythm.

"Mandir hain ghar yeh hamara" is the kind of track that almost every Barjatya album would have. A "we are a happy, Indian family" sort of a number, "Mandir Hain..." has been rendered by Suresh Wadekar.

From a perfect family, Jain moves on to a perfect couple in the next composition. Rendered by Shaan and Shreya, "Sang Sang rahenge" doesn't waiver from the path that the album has taken. The two sing the piece with great emotion. The music has been kept classical yet again.

The composer moves on to a marriage number with "Banna Banni" - a typical Indian folk song.

Shaan gets his solo outing with "Kya soch ke aaye the". Yet another romantic piece, this one has the guy's version of how he falls for the woman he loves. Shaan emotes well and his rendition goes well with the song's mood.

The festivities continue and "Lo ji hum aa gaye" takes the album forward. Shaan is joined by Satish Dehra, Farid Sabri and Pamela Jain, who together give us a faster, peppier track.

"Jhirmir jhirmir meha" sung by Shaan and Shreya is set against the backdrop of rain. Jain writes some very poetic lyrics for the piece that adds to the mood of the song.

"Neend mein Hai" is Shaan's second solo number. He does a splendid job with the ghazal. And with Jain's lyrical and musical expertise, the song should find many fans.

"Ek Vivaah... Aisa Bhi" resembles Rajshri Productions' earlier hit "Vivah" as far as music goes. Almost every song is coated with soulful music and poetic lyrics, but it can tend to get a bit boring. The album follows a certain pace, which may get slightly monotonous.

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