Ekta's Ragini knew little about Delhi's Deepika

May 6, 2011 IANS

Mumbai, May 6 (IANS) Ekta Kapoor's upcoming thriller "Ragini MMS" is based on the real story of 22-year-old Delhi-based girl Deepika, but Kainaz Motivala, who essays the role in the film, reveals that she has never met her and was told very little about the original incident.

"I was told about the original story very briefly. I haven't met her," Kainaz told IANS.

Directed by Pawan Kriplani, "Ragini MMS" is a sensuous paranormal film, shot in real time.

The actress argues that the film is not cent percent based on what happened with Deepika, and the character she plays is quite different from her.

"This film is not 100 percent real. It's also partly fictional. My character is also not all based on Deepika. She is from Delhi, Ragini is a south Bombay girl. As I had never met Deepika, I didn't get to do much research," said Kainaz.

Report says that while Deepika was recovering from the shock in Delhi, Ekta was planning to make a film on the MMS scandal in Mumbai.

When Deepika's friend, who work in Balaji production, asked Ekta if she would like to meet a girl who has gone through such a similar incident, Ekta grabbed the opportunity. Deepika has even signed a contract with Balaji Films.

Asked if she ever insisted to meet Deepika, she said: "I am sure there is a reason why I was not made to meet her."

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