Emraan has a good ear for music

Jan 1, 2006 Manissha Despaande

Mumbai, Jan 1 (IANS) Apart from being a serial kisser, actor Emraan Hashmi is also known for starring in many chartbusters. But few know that he has a good ear for music too.

The "Jawani Diwani" chartbuster "Sine Ne Sine Ne" was actually recorded by composer duo Siddharth-Suhaas for "Kalyug". However Emraan, on whom the song is filmed, felt the song fitted the mood and situation of producer Babloo Pachisia's "Jawani Diwani" rather than "Kalyug", reports Bollywood Trade.

Says Emraan: "I realised that the song was too funky for 'Kalyug', and so I made Babloo hear the song. He freaked out and wanted to use it for 'Jawani Diwani' instead."

Adds the elated producer: "Emmi has a good ear for music. He has got this uncanny ability to pick out winners. He instantly thought that the song would go well with my film. I trusted his vision.

"'Sine Ne Sine Ne' is a chartbuster already and I am thankful to Emmi for this."

The video, which is on air featuring Emraan, is directed by Stan Lee.

Must say be it his lip-locking traits or chartbusters, Emmi knows how to connect with his audience.

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