For Madhur, every film is an experiment

Oct 30, 2008 Aroonim Bhuyan

Dubai, Oct 30 (IANS) For acclaimed Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar, every film he makes is an experiment and it is the research work that gives him the kick.

"For me, every film I make is like experimental cinema," Bhandarkar, the man behind such films as "Page 3", "Corporate", 'Traffic Signal", "Chandni Bar" and "Satta", told IANS here.

"I like the work I do because, one, my cinema is very different and, two, because I work on so much research. I really like the process of making films," he said.

Bhandarkar is here for the premiere of his latest film "Fashion" scheduled for Thursday night.

"'Fashion' is not about fashion industry as such. It only has fashion as a backdrop. The film is more about the story of models, designers and people connected with the fashion industry. And it is on aspects like the personal story, the individual story, their ups and downs, their journey that I tried to capture," he explained.

Former beauty queen Priyanka Chopra is playing the main lead in the movie, which also has models like Arjan Bajwa and Mugdha Godse.

"Fashion" revolves around the rise and fall and phoenix-like rebirth of the country's number one supermodel Meghna Mathur played by Priyanka.

Bhandarkar said it took almost two years to make "Fashion".

"'Fashion' took me two years… actually 18-19 months. One year in making the film, the rest in executing the shooting and all," he said.

Asked which of his films has been professionally the most satisfying, he said: "All the films. Every film has its own journey, own point of view. I explore a genre of cinema, which I really like. Whether its 'Fashion', 'Corporate, 'Page 3', 'Traffic Signal', 'Chandni Bar' or 'Satta', all different genres of cinema I like to get hold of."

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